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John524goodnews! began life in November 2015.
Sadly, Ed passed away on 5 Dec 2017. Please continue to enjoy what you find here and be blessed!

⚡️What if we disagree?

     Great! If two people agree on everything, at least one of them has stopped thinking.
     Look at us—how distinctive we are! Not only physically, but in upbringing, experience, emotions, choices, understandings, education, perspectives, needs, likes, preferences, behaviors, fears, desires, and culture.
     I guarantee you’ll find something in this website that you might take issue with. Please feel free! At the same time, I’m praying daily that each visitor will primarily discover a blessing.
     The apostle Paul had issues with two of his closest colleagues—Peter and Barnabas. No doubt they in turn had issues with Paul. But these servants of God all kept on with their Gospel mission.
     The great Christian reformer Martin Luther is one of my heroes. At the same time, I can name disagreements I have with a few of his teachings and actions as we know them from history. I treasure the vast volume of his lifework that I discern as true and valuable in the context of his calling and his time—and with kindness, I lay the rest aside.
     Back to the apostle Paul. He had the best counsel ever about how to relate to the way God speaks through each of us.
     When you come across challenging thoughts or teaching that just might come from God, Paul said, don’t jump all over it. Don’t dismiss it without a hearing. Instead, check it out. Test it, discern it. Identify the good in what you find. Treasure that good, hang on to it, and leave the rest for God to deal with. Most of all, stay in the path of love, and keep your distance from everything evil. (See 1 Corinthians 14:1 and 1 Thessalonians 5:19–20.)
     Think of how delightful homes, workplaces, churches and the world would be, if the majority of us chose to obey this counsel.
     May the God of all truth and hope be with you as you peruse what you find right here.

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  • John524goodnews! was produced by Edwin Gallagher (more simply known as Ed Gallagher).
  • Ed was New Zealand born, and lived in his homeland. He has also lived in Australia, England and the USA.
  • He had served as a Christian teacher, pastor, writer and communicator, chaplain, youth counselor, healthcare manager/director, and regional church leader.
  • Just so you'll know, earlier in life Ed also did stints as a farm worker, truck driver, janitor, factory worker, driving instructor, construction worker, and groundsman … can you identify?
  • Ed has written four books and many articles. He pursued education in New Zealand, Australia, England and the USA, earning degrees in theology, religion and applied communication.
  • Ed was married to a wonderful lady named Betty, who now misses him every day.
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  • Very Sadly, Edwin Gallagher passed away on 5 December 2017. Please continue to enjoy and be blessed by what you find here... ​Betty Gallagher